The importance of maintaining a contemporary bathroom

By: Alvaro Mallarino MBA, CFA

The importance of maintaining a contemporary bathroom

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Maintaining and investing in a contemporary bathroom is essential to adding value to a property and can make or break a sale, particularly in luxury homes. It is easy to recognize a luxurious bathroom when we see one, and the bathroom is often one of the first rooms prospective buyers look at when considering purchasing a new home. In an age where our homes have become our refuge, the bathroom is a vital space for relaxation and pampering. Below, we’ve determined the design features that make a bathroom luxurious.

  1. A floor-to-ceiling tiled wall makes the room feel larger and more modern and gives the bathroom a cohesive appearance. In addition, it is resistant to wear and tear caused by elements such as water and steam, etc. If it is cleaned and maintained correctly, it will look as good on day one as it will in ten years. 
  2. A free-standing tub and separate shower. In every luxurious bathroom, there is a separate shower, which gives the bathroom a spa-like atmosphere. Although not necessarily practical, a free-standing tub is commonly expected in luxury homes.
  3. Frameless glass shower doors. By omitting the frame on the glass door, the size of your room appears larger, in addition, this omission allows you to emphasize a unique design element.
  4. Statement mirrors add style and elegance to your bathroom and are used to create a focal point. When adding a statement mirror to your space, it should always be framed to maintain a luxurious appearance.
  5. A radiant floor heating system is a beautiful feature in any bathroom because it provides a great deal of comfort and sensory pleasure when stepping on the floor, and they do an excellent job of both heating the floor and warming the environment.
  6. Heated towel rails provide extra comfort during the winter. They can warm up your towels in less than ten minutes and hold multiple towels simultaneously.
  7. A shower niche and shower bench are very useful features that provide a proper place to keep your shampoo bottles and soaps. It is a relatively inexpensive design element that is greatly appreciated.
  8. Dimmable lights can add a dramatic effect, making your bathroom cozier and inviting.
  9. Having a double sink vanity is one of the essential elements of a luxury bathroom. Having a vanity with two sinks not only increases your counter space but also provides you with additional storage space. 

By investing in quality bathroom fixtures, you will not only increase the value of your home, but will also be able to save money in the long run. Even though you can save money by purchasing and installing more affordable fixtures, they tend to be made with cheaper parts and may not fit as well as they should. As a result, you are more likely to see these fixtures break, require repairs, or even experience leaks. Over time, you may end up spending more on repairs and replacements than you would if you had invested in a luxury bathroom at the outset.

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