The carrying costs of owning a home

By: Alvaro Mallarino MBA, CFA

The carrying costs of owning a home

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While real estate is an asset, it carries certain liabilities that an investor needs to pay for as long as they hold an investment property. These carrying costs eat into the returns, which is why an investor needs to factor them into their calculations before purchasing a property. These costs also vary depending on whether an investor is buying real estate as a short-term investment (ex. flipping houses) or for the longer term (such as holding a cash-flowing rental property).
When a buyer, be it an investor or a person intending to reside in the home, purchases a new home, whether a condo or a freehold property, they need to account for the carrying costs in their monthly budget.
Things to consider include insurance, maintenance fee (snow removal and landscaping), property taxes and utilities, and most importantly, they can vary from one season to another.
Types Of Carrying Costs
There are different types of carrying costs in real estate. You’ll need to factor each of these into the total costs of your investment.

Here we detailed the carrying costs of a freehold property and a condo based on their purchased value. 


The lack of awareness of how much carrying costs you’ll pay can have a negative impact on property owners. These costs can fluctuate with seasons, changes in property value, and changes in the property. If you don’t account for these carrying costs, they can really eat into your profit.
Before investing, estimate all possible carrying costs and budget for them. If you’re flipping a property, this could look like being prepared to pay carrying costs for up to 6 months even if you suspect the property will sell sooner. For a rental property, these costs are ongoing for as long as you hold the property.
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